The CarsWashNow AAMP App

What is AAMP

The AAMP CarsWashNow APP is a unique new way to have your cars washed, waxed & detailed at the touch of a APP.  It is the Uber of Car Wash Apps and with the AAMP Package clients receive 12 Full Months of Services. Purchase it at the Dealership when you purchase your New, Leased or Used Car or if you are one who wants to have your car maintained year round we got you covered.

We understand what it means to keep your car looking fresh and new.  The CarsWashNow App provides our clients with cutting edge service to users worldwide.  CarsWashNow is committed to continuing to find the most convenient and reliable way to provide our clients with a Professional wash, wax or detail at their home or office location.  From Customized Management to Free Download options, you name it - CarsWashNow APP does it.  Get started with us today and see the impact of our new world renowned CarsWashNow App.