About CarsWashNow

CarsWashNow is a Mobile Detailing Business providing washes, waxes and detailing at your home or office location. CarsWashNow prouds itself by providing the best in washing, waxing, and detailing SERVICES & PRODUCTS, with all of our services your vehicle will be washed with Spot Free Water to give your vehicle the care it needs.  Also, With an array of services from Washing, Waxing, Interior detailing we give the client the choice.  We have a VIP Package that provides biweekly or weekly washes & quarterly waxes called (AAMP) Auto Appearance Maintenance Package. This Awesome Package gives our customers the option of having their cars washed, waxed or detailed on a regular bases and priced to fit any budget. For more information call us at 561-494-6220 or click here https://www.carswashnow.com/plans-pricing

Coronavirus Statement From CarsWashNow
According to the CDC, Coronavirus can live on a solid surface up to 4 days. Some medical experts through published reports have been suggesting that some viruses can live up to 9 days on a solid surface. This does not factor in the sun. Sunlight, or UV radiation can actually kill viruses in minutes under direct full sunlight exposure. Most newer vehicles have some form of UV protection in their glass, even on clear glass, there is still UV rays hitting the inside of your vehicle killing virus. Factor in the minimum of 14 days quarantine time, when you are cleared to leave your house there is no virus left alive in your car.